Athanasios Masouras


Born at 14/11/1986 and lived in Byron, Athens, Attiki. From October 2004 lives in Patras, Achaia where he studied Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineering at University of Patras. After graduating (11/2010) he enrolled as a PhD Candidate at the Applied Mechanics Laboratory in the research area of the Nanomodified Multifunctional Composite Material. He is involved in several research programs organized by the European Committee (EC), European Space Agency (ESA). From 3/2011 he is member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and from 4/2012 he is member of the Panhellenic Association of Graduated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers.

Dimitris Siorikis

Undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Patras (Diploma in Mechanical & Aeronautics Engineering, 2010); Since October 2015 he is a PhD candidate on the research field “Finite Element Models for Impact Simulation and Damage Detection in Composite Structures”.

Xenia Tsilimigra

Xenia Tsilimigkra was born in Patras in 1989. She received her degree in Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics from the University of Patras, Greece, in April 2013. Since July 2013 is working towards her PhD at the Applied Mechanics Laboratory (AML) of the same department. By the time she completed her undergraduate work she has acquired strong groundings into the inner workings of her environment and a keen interest in the mechanical behavior of Aeronautical Materials. Her research activities are in the area of composite materials and include “smart” materials, composite structures, self repaired aeronautical composites, Nanotechnology,   NanoComposites, and Non-destructive techniques.

Spyros Kilimtzidis

Spyros Kilimtzidis is a PhD Candidate at the Applied Mechanics Laboratory, University of Patras,Greece. He graduated from the Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics Department with grade 8.12/10 on February 2016. His research activities lie in the field of modelling and aeroelastic analysis of composite materials aircraft structures via Finite Element Methods. He also has a publication in an international journal.