No Year Name/Surname Title
1 1998  Lee Ho-Jun Analysis of piezoelectric smart structures with thermal effects (elaborated in NASA with co-supervisor Mr. Glenn)
2 2004  Dimitris Varelis Development of engineering models  and  finite element for solving the nonlinear response in intelligent composites plates and shells with implanted piezoelectric elements
3 2005 Theofanis Plagiannakos Development of engineering standards and finite element for dynamic damping calculation in complex structures with flexible piezoelectric layers and elements
4 2008 Nikos Chrisochoidis  Standards for intelligent piezoelectric composite materials and structures capable for damage self-detection
5 2008 Theodosis Theodosiou Atomistic numerical standards for analysis of electromechanical conduct of carbon nano-tubes and nano-composite polymers
6 2012  Dimitris Chortis Non-linear mechanics and finite element with material damping for the static and dynamic analysis of composite wind turbine blades (best 2012 Ph.D in Wind Energy Award by European Academy of Wind Energy)