Applied Mechanics Laboratory (AML) is in operation since 1980. It is part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, University of Patras (UoP). AML/UP deals mainly with the general field of STRUCTURES & MATERIALS giving emphasis in the field of Composite Materials and Structures. Topics dealing with the science, technology and applications of composite materials are also covered. Research is conducted in a variety of areas like: 

  1. Design and optimization of composites structures,fatigue design and damage tolerance approach,
  2. Finite elements techniques (implicit and explicit), stress analysis, hierarchical modeling approach,
  3. Fatigue and damage behavior of composite laminates, continuum damage approach,
  4. Non-destructive techniques (ultrasonics, acoustic emission, spectral analysis, FBGs, thermography) and structural health monitoring of engineering      structures, data fusion methodologies,
  5. Wave propagation and scattering in acoustics, electromagnetism, elasticity and thermoelasticity,
  6. Vibration analysis and damping control,
  7. Fluids–structures interaction, blast and fire problems
  8. Ageing systems,safety management of composite structures,
  9. Repair of metal and composite structures using composite patches,
  10. Characterization of materials, using conventional and ultrasonic techniques,
  11. Analysis of the thermo-mechanical behavior of polymers and composites,
  12. Experimental stress analysis, large scale testing
  13. Smart materials and structures
  14. Nano-materials, nano-composites and nano-technology
  15. Bio-composites, reuse and recycle of composites, product life cycle design for plastics and composites 

AML/UoP has in its permanent staff 5 university professors and 11 PhD holders (working in the field of Composite Material, Structural Dynamics, Non-Destructive Testing and Numerical Methods) and 3 technicians and 2 support staff. Currently, 22 Engineers and PhD student are working in the Lab. (5 females) in various R&D projects. As part of its continued growth, UP/AML is continually looking for exceptional people to join its staff.  During the last 5 years 15 PhD theses have been completed in the general field of Mechanics of Composite Materials and the Non-Destructive Inspection of Materials and Structures. Educational activities include eighteen formal courses offered at undergraduate and graduate level dealing with the mechanics, analysis and design of composite materials and advanced structures, non-destructive techniques, wave propagation and scattering theory, anisotropic elasticity, damage tolerance, etc.        Qualified graduates may enroll in the PhD four-year program also offered by the Laboratory. AML is internationally recognized for its  contribution in the respective fields through books, lectures, research papers, conferences, professional society activities and research co-operation within the frame of financially supported projects, both by national and international Institutions, mainly by the EU. Due to its proven know-how in NDT (Non Destructive Testing), since 2003 AML is being involved in the certification of vehicles transporting dangerous goods according to UN/ADR. The vast majority of these vehicles in Greece, is being certified by AML.  

AML/UoP is an accredited body by the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A. according to ISO/EN 17020 and ISO/EN 17025 in order to perform audits and mechanical tests. This accreditation means that AML/UoP is authorized to perform audits and/or tests and issue certificates of compliance to European Norms, in such a way that pan-European equivalency and acceptance are obtained.