No Year Name/Surname Title
1 1996 1. V. Stamos Fracture behaviour of bi-material interface
2 2000 Y.Z. Pappas   Fatigue behaviour of Composite Laminates. A stochastic approach using NDT data
3 2001 Y. P. Markopoulos Impact behviour of Composite laminates
4 2003    C. Dassios  Fracture behaviour of CMCCs in the presence of small and large scale bridging phenomenae. Determination of Intrinsic characteristics of Fracture
5 2003 I. Vougiouklakis Investigation of the Thermomechanical Fatigue behaviour of top coated structural components of Gas Turbines using Acoustic Emission
6 2004 C. Koimtzoglou Investigation of the effect of Fatigue loading on the Interfacial properties of Fibre Reinforced Plastics and the stress transfer mechanisms using Laser Raman Spectroscopy
7 2006  D. Vlachos A generic methodology for Design, Analysis and Optimization of load bearing engineering components made of Continuous Fibre Reinforced Ceramic Composites under combined Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue loading conditions
8 2007  A. Kokkinos The use of SMA as a driving mechanism in an Intramedullary nail lengthening device for long bones
9 2007  T. Loutas Health monitoring methodologies for Ceramic Matrix Composites based on Acoustic Emission and Acousto-Ultrasonics, using wavelet analysis techniques
10 2008 S. Tsantzalis Design, Structural analysis and Optimization of an Intramedullary Leg Lengthening device based on SMA driving mechanism
11 2009   P. Karapappas Enhancement of the mechanical performance (Interlaminar Fracture Toughness, Fatigue, Impact and CAI properties) of CFRP laminates by introducing Carbon Nanotubes into the epoxy matrix material
12 2009 A. Vavouliotis A New Approach of Structural Health Monitoring of CFRP laminates based on the use of the electric conductivity measurements of Carbon Nanotubes doped Composites
13 2009  G. Sotiriadis Non Destructive Evaluation of GFRP laminates subjected to cyclic loading by using inverse A-Scan techniques
14 2010 J. Loukas-Lekatsas Acoustic Wave Scattering by a Pair of Spherical Obstacles
15 2011  A. Kotzakolios Blast response of Aircraft Structures
16 2012  C. Derdas Analysis of aerospace composite bolted joints under elevated load rates
17 2012  A. Panopoulou  Methodology for Innovative Health Monitoring of Aerospace Structures using Dynamic   
18 2012 D. Sikoutris Fire response of composite aerostructures
19 2012  D. Mazarakos Design, Analysis and Optimization of a subsea structure for oil recovery from shipwrecks: The DIFIS Project
20 2013  N. Athanassopoulos Calculation of the electrical conductivity and electrothermal analysis of multilayered carbon reinforced composites: application to damage detection
21 2013  A. Baltopoulos Multifunctional composite structures with damage sensing capabilities
22 2014  D. Roulias Methodologies for remaining useful life estimation with multiple sensors in rotating machinery 
23 2015 E. Fiamegkou Development of improved multi-function nano-structured adhesive polymers with application in juctions of structures and in healing of structures with composite materials