1. Design and optimization of composites structures,fatigue design and damage tolerance approach,
  2. Finite elements techniques (implicit and explicit), stress analysis, hierarchical modeling approach,
  3. Fatigue and damage behavior of composite laminates, continuum damage approach,
  4. Non-destructive techniques (ultrasonics, acoustic emission, spectral analysis, FBGs, thermography) and structural health monitoring of engineering      structures, data fusion methodologies,
  5. Wave propagation and scattering in acoustics, electromagnetism, elasticity and thermoelasticity,
  6. Vibration analysis and damping control,
  7. Fluids–structures interaction, blast and fire problems
  8. Ageing systems,safety management of composite structures,
  9. Repair of metal and composite structures using composite patches,
  10. Characterization of materials, using conventional and ultrasonic techniques,
  11. Analysis of the thermo-mechanical behavior of polymers and composites,
  12. Experimental stress analysis, large scale testing
  13. Smart materials and structures 
  14. Nano-materials, nano-composites and nano-technology
  15. Bio-composites, reuse and recycle of composites, product life cycle design for plastics and composites