No Year Name/Surname Title
1 1995 A. A. Anastassopoulos Non Destructive Characterisation of Damage in Composite Materials by Means of Pattern Recognition Techniques 
2 1998 V. N. Nikolaidis NDT techniques in composite materials using non-conventional pattern recognition methods 
3 2000 A. P. Vassilopoulos Determination of fatigue life of fibre reinforced composite materials under plane stress states
4 2004 D. G. Aggelis Non Destructive Testing and Composition Characterization of Concrete through analysis of wave propagation parameters 
5 2008 V. A. Passipoularidis Residual strength & life prediction in composite materials after fatigue 
6 2009 T. T. Assimakopoulou  Damage assessment in laminated composite structures using acoustic methods
7 2009  A. E. Antoniou  Progressive damage in multi-directional laminates made of composite materials; its effects on guided wave propagation
8 2010 D. J. Lekou Reliability estimation in the design of composite material structures
9 2013  E. N. Eliopoulos Numerical simulation of damage progression in GFRP composites under cycling loading