ESA/ESTEC Programs

  1. Nano-modified fiber reinforced polymers in terms of mechanical, electrical and thermal properties (NANO) (ESA/ESTEC cooperation)
  2. Non-conventional matrix/ carbon nanotubes reinforced composite for applications in space (NACO) (ESA/ESTEC & HPS cooperation)
  3. Nanotube reinforced structural materials for spacecraft applications (NAREMA) (ESA/ESTEC &HPS cooperation)
  4. Design, development, manufacturing and process monitoring for structures of nano-modified multifunctional materials targeting near term space applications (NANO2) (NANO) (ESA/ESTEC cooperation)
  5. Non conventional carbon nanotube skeleton reinforced composites follow-on (NACO2) (ESA/ESTEC &HPS cooperation)
  6. Development strategy for nano-enabled fiber reinforced plastics (NESTOR) (ESA/ESTEC cooperation)
  7. Nano-enabled fiber reinforced plastics (NEFELI) (ESA/ESTEC cooperation)
  8. Nanocomposite reinforced foams for manufacture of superlightweight stiff sandwich panels (NAFO) (ESA/ESTEC &HPS cooperation)
  9. Nanocomposite reinforced foams for manufacture of superlightweight stiff sandwich panels- Demonstrator (NAFO DEMONSTRATOR) (ESA/ESTEC &HPS cooperation)
  10. Nano-enabled fiber reinforced plastics for space applications (NEPTUNE) (ESA/ESTEC cooperation)
  11. Graphene-based systems for enhanced energy storage (GADGET) (ESTEC cooperation)
  12. Graphene-based advanced polymers with enhanced thermal and electrical conductivity (GOETHE) (ESTEC cooperation)
  13. Resistance to solvents of non-hermetic components encapsulation materials (RESOLVE) (ESA/ESTEC &HPS cooperation)
  14. Damage mechanics for composite structures (SHM) (ESA/ESTEC cooperation)
  15. Methodology for innovative health monitoring for aerospace structures using dynamic response measurements and advanced signal processing techniques (MINERVA-NPI) (ESA/ESTEC cooperation)

European Research Programs

  1. Aerospace nanotube hybrid composite structures with sensing and actuating capabilities (NOESIS)
  2. Cost effective and environmentally sound dismantling of obsolete vessels (Ship Dismantl)
  3. Automated diagnosis for helicopter engines and rotating parts (ADHER)
  4. Vulnerability analysis for near future composite/hybrid aerostructures: Hardening via new materials and design approaches against fire and blast due to accidents or terrorist attacks (VULCAN)
  5. Dismantling of vessels with enhanced safety and technology (DIVEST)
  6. Multifunctional layers for safer aircraft composites structures (LAYSA)
  7. Innovative repair of aerospace structures with curing optimization and life cycle monitoring abilities (IAPETUS)
  8. Novel aeronautical multifunctional composite structures with bulk electrical conductivity and self-sensing capabilities (ELECTRICAL)
  9. Innovative smart composite moulds for cost-effective manufacturing of plastic and composite components (COEUS-TITAN)
  10. Composite fuselage section wafer design approach for safety increasing in worst case situations and joints minimizing (WASIS)
  11. De-orbiting of satellites using solar sails (DEORBIT SAIL)
  12. Study on the processing and the performance of cyanate ester composites towards the optimization for harsh service environments (SPECIMEN)
  13. Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures (SARISTU)
  14. Industrialisation of Out-of-Autoclave Manufacturing for Integrated Aerostructures (IRIDA)
  15. Manufacturing optimization of a plenum with GFRP cyanate ester-based prepreg (PLENOPTIMUM)
  16. Future Aircraft design following the carrier-pod concept as an enabler for co-modal seamless transport, passenger safety and environmental sustainability (FANTASSY)
  17. Advanced technologies for bomb-proof cargo containers and blast containment units for the retrofitting of passenger airplanes (FLY-BAG2)
  18. Multiple inverted funnel intervention system for deep offshore safety & hydrate mining (MIFIS PoC)
  19. Self-healing polymers for concepts on self-repaired aeronautical composites (HIPOCRATES)
  20. nZEB training in the Southern EU countries – Maintaining building traditions (SouthZEB)
  21. Open access pilot plants for sustainable industrial scale nanocomposites manufacturing based on buckypapers, doped veils and prepregs (PLATFORM)
  22. EXTREME Dynamic Loading – Pushing the Boundaries of Aerospace Composite Material Structures (EXTREME)
  23. An Advanced Methodology for the Inspection and Quantification of Damage on Aerospace Composites and Metals using an Innovative Approach (CompInnova)
  24. Novel processes and equipment in composite repair technology (NEWCORT)
  25. Open Access Single entry point for scale-up of Innovative Smart lightweight composite materials and components (OASIS)

Hellenic Research Programs

  1. Reinforce composite linking aeronautic and building sectors – RECOMLABS
  2. Transport in quantum materials at the nanoscale – TQMNANO