AML is certified under EN 17025 for mechanical testing (Metallic Materials, Tensile testing at ambient and elevated temperature and Fatigue testing – Axial force-controlled method at ambient and elevated temperature). Furthermore, and beyond the accreditation, AML provides the following services:

A. Mechanical and NDI Testing:

3 Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines (Maximum capacity, 25kN 100kN and 250kN, Maximum frequency for fatigue testing 100Hz). Equipped with furnace, working from sub-ambient temperature up to 1000°C

1 Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine (Maximum capacity 25 kN)

Low velocity Impact test set up

Special frame for testing of safety helmets according to EC regulation 22

Equipment for creep and relaxation tests for temperature up to 500°C

Custom made equipment for wear, friction and Fretting Fatigue measurements

National Instruments PXI-1033 with PXI-4071 DMM & PXI-2530 SWITCH for parallel monitoring of electrical resistance during mechanical testing

Ultrasonic Systems, A, C and D-Scan (Bath Size 1200×1000 mm)

6-channel SPARTAN 2000 system by PAC for NDT Acoustic Emission Analysis

4-channel PCI2 system by PAC for transient Acoustic Emission Analysis

Thermo-camera system by Nikon

B. Physical Characterization: 

DuPont2000 Thermal Analysis system with TMA-943, DMA-983, DSC-910 and LNCA II

Mathis-Instruments TCI-Thermal conductivity Analyser with low K module (K-range 0,04-10 W/mK)

DC bulk conductivity setup using KEITHLEY DMM 2002 Digital Multimeter

Access to Dielectric Spectroscopy Alpha-N Frequency Response Analyzer by Novocontrol

INSTRON Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines (max load 25 kN) with ASTM standards jigs

Full access to a number of SEM, Atomic Force Microscope, Microprob, XPS and optical microscopes for material and fractographic analysis 

C. Nano-particles fabrication:

DISSOLVER and TORUS-MILL shear mixing devices 

Ultrasonic Tip/Bath 

Magnetic Hot Plate Stippers 

Calander shear mixing device (3 roll-mix) 

Glove Box and Fume Hood for safe material handling

D. Composite Manufacturing Equipment:




Vacuum Bugging

3 x conventional curing Ovens and 1x microwave Oven

Various polishing and cutting devices (LaboPol-1, Minitom etc)

Laboratory platens press 500×500 mm, (300 kN, 400oC)

E.  Manufacturing Equipment:

uPrint SE Plus -3D printer by Stratasys

F. Vibration and modal Analysis:

Dynamic Fiber Bragg Grating Interrogator system, with capacities to attach/bond FBGs

Experimental Modal Analysis: Modal frequency, Modal damping, Mode shapes

Various types of excitations: Impact force excitation through a range of impact hammers (miniature to heavy, continuous force excitation (6lb and 50lb electromagnetic shakers, Piezoelectric actuator strain)

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis System by Bruel& Kjaer for resonance and forced vibrations

High-voltage dynamic excitation of piezoceramic actuators (±700Volts)

Complete set of 1-D, 2-D and 3-D accelerometers and the necessary amplifiers

2 base excitation shakers, excitation hammers, data logger and data acquisition systems

Sensory voltage, dynamic acceleration, force, strain and temperature measurements

Various 8-and 4-channel high-speed dynamic data acquisition & spectral analyzer systems

Experimental Modal Analysis: Modal frequency, Modal damping, Mode shapes    

G. Environmental & Conditioning:

Outgassing: Low Vacuum Chamber for preliminary tests

Conditioning chamber for humidity, temperature control and UV radiation

Hydrothermal Baths

Conditioning – chamber for bellow zero temperatures

H. Micro-Characterization:

Full access in:

Environmental SEM (SUPRA) and optical Microscopy and Fractography


AFM and HARMONICS system

Nano – Indenter

I. Numerical Analysis Facilities:


20 SGI 8-processors system, Sun UltraSparc, HP/C180 WorkStations and network of PC 


Nastran, Patran, ANSYS and LS-DYNA3D (implicit/explicit) Finite element codes,

Franc 2-D and 3-D for fracture analysis.

Warp3D analysis code for advanced plastic and viscoplastic analysis

DIGIMAT for nano-scale modelling and multi-scale modelling

Molecular Dynamics software for multi-functional modelling of polymers and composites at nano-scale

CATIA V5, Solid Edge, Rhinoceros and and Autocad design codes