Antonis Vavouliotis


Athanasios Baltopoulos


Dr. Athanasios Baltopoulosis a Mechanical & Aeronautics Engineer (Dipl.-Ing., University of Patras, 2007). He holds a PhD from the Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering Dept, University of Patras (2013). His specialization is in the field of multifunctional composite structures for aerospace applications. He has worked as an engineer in the Materials Technology Section of the European Space Agency Technology Center (ESA/ESTEC) under the framework of the ESA Greek Trainee Program (01/2010-06/2011). Under his PhD curriculum, he has contributed to the research performed under a number of EU-FP7 and ESA projects, such as LAYSA, IAPETUS, ELECTRICAL, NANO, NACO, and NAFO, dealing with nano-modification approaches, composite material processing and manufacturing aspects as well as innovative NDI techniques. Currently he is a research associate contributing in the directions of Self-Healing and Advanced Manufacturing. He is the (co-)author of 8 journal publications and more than 20 conference presentations.

Athanasios Kotzakolios


Athanasios Kotzakolios is an Aeronautical Engineer; He completed his PhD thesis on 2011, on Blast loading of aero-structures. Recent experience includes participation in the research team for VULCAN, WASIS and FLYBAG2. He has 5 journal publications and 8 conference presentations, all in the field of high strain rate phenomena of aero-structures.

Giorgos Sotiriadis

Dimitris Mazarakos


Dr-Ing. Dimitrios Mazarakos is a Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineer from University of Patras. He received his PhD in Subsea Engineering with main subject: Hydrodynamic and Structural design of an oil recovery structure from deep water. He is very familiar with numerical methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD/ FLUENT) and Finite Element Analysis (FEM/ NASTRAN). He is specialized in Statistical Mechanics for sea waves and currents modeling. He is also familiar with the technical management of EU R&D projects. During last years, he had additional duties as Chief Design Engineer, Technical Director, Team Manager and Technical Advisor of ATLAS Group/ team, developing ATLAS I to ATLAS V aircrafts. He extremely involved in aerodynamics/structural design and Flight mechanics (Stability and Control). He also was Aerodynamicist of HERMES II Solar Car Team during 2006-2008. He was awarded twice for his participation in Teams ATLAS Project (Young Aerospace Engineer Award , Munchen 2009) και  Hermes ΙΙ (SUN-LIFE 2008). He holds 3 journal and 9 conference papers.

Dimitris Vlachos


Dimitrios Vlachos is a Mechanical Engineer working in AML as a senior researcher for more than 12 years. He has received his PhD from the Mechanical & Aeronautical Eng. Dept, in the field of Ceramic Composites for High Temperature applications. Recent experience includes participation in the research team for COEUS-TITAN, WASIS, IRIDA, FLYBAG2, ESA-LAGARD and other European and national projects. He is the author of 12 journal publications and 16 conference presentationsand a folder of two patents.

Theodosis Theodosiou

Diploma (2004) and Doctorate (2010) in Mechanical & Aeronautics Engineering (University of Patras) and Master’s Degree in Information Technology (Greek Open University, 2016); since 2000, he has been working at the Computer Center of the Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics Dept. as System Administrator. Since 2004 has been working as Research Engineer at the Lab of Applied Mechanics and Vibrations. Since 2009 he has been co-instructor for the courses “Introduction to Computer Systems” and “Computer Programming” of the Dept. of Mechanical & Aeronautics Engineering.

Spyridon Psarras


Dr. Spyridon Psarras’s research is focusing on failure and design of composite structures. This can be achieved by identifying critical damage scenarios, designing, performing series of tests in coupon level as well as in structural level and providing FE models that are capable to predict the behavior of the structure. Some of his expertises are design for Damage Tolerance, parametric models/Python scripting, manufacturing and Testing Procedures, detailed damage modelling. He is a mechanical engineer with PhD, specializingin failure of structures made of composite materials, from Imperial College of London (ICL). He received his first degree in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Thessaly, and specialized (MSc) in Computational Engineering at NTUA. He worked in industry at Gefyra S.A and IMAS S.A. While being at ICL; he was awarded with scholarship from EPSRC and worked as research associate and consultant.  Also at ICL, he was the Postdoc Rep of the department of Aeronautics and the Postdoc Rep of the Faculty of Engineering.

Stavros Tsantzalis


Dr. S.Tsatzalis is Mechanical Engineer (2001) and holds a Phd (2010) in composite/shape memory materials for biomedical applications. He has more than 10 year experience in applied research & engineering using polymers and composite materials for high end applications (defence, aero, medical) and he has worked for 6 years as after sales technical manager for automotive and energy sector. In 2014 he joined Applied Mechanics Labs as post-doctoral fellow and senior research engineer. 

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